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My Euro Business

We are a consultancy firm specializing in facilitating investments to enable your company's growth in its home country and executing internationalization projects, whether it's a startup or an established industry.

How Do We Do It?


We've developed a proprietary methodology to craft a strategic and customized fundraising plan

for your company, allowing you to secure funding through three distinct channels:

Venture Capital in Brazil and Portugal

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Portugal 2030 Program

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What Sets Us Apart?

We not only design and execute a fundraising and internationalization project for your company but also provide the essential tools to access funding from the mentioned channels, or potentially all of them, depending on your business's eligibility. 


Our consultancy goes beyond guidance; we walk hand-in-hand along the journey with you.

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Portugal: Your Gateway to the Global Market


Our team comprises experts deeply entrenched in both European and Brazilian markets and cultures. With this wealth of experience, we orchestrate your company's Go-To-Market strategy in Portugal, a nation known for fostering entrepreneurship and global expansion.


Portugal's burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, government incentives, and the attention of investors directed toward the European market make it an ideal launching pad for internationalization and expanding your business to diverse countries.

Portugal boasts several distinctive attributes that have drawn companies from around the globe:

  • A vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Tax incentives and benefits.

  • Seamless access to both public and private investment.

  • A strategic geographic location.

  • Outstanding quality of life.

  • A pool of highly qualified talent.

  • An extensive network of international connections.

  • A culture of innovation.

  • Accessibility to natural resources and renewable energy.

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 48 Jangadeiros street - 2nd floor

Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro


1 Duque de Saldanha Square

Lisboa - Portugal

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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