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At My Euro Business, you'll discover a team of experts skilled in securing funding through various channels in Portugal and Brazil. Moreover, we specialize in devising and executing internationalization projects for your company, encompassing Portugal and other nations.


Additionally, we provide support for implementing your project's go-to-market strategy within Portugal.

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But how do we achieve this?

Establishing your company in compliance with local regulations, seeking the ideal headquarters location, and minimizing tax liabilities.

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Crafting a strategic plan to harmonize your tax framework, personnel recruitment, and data protection, mitigating legal risks for your business.

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Registering your trademark within the European Union, recognizing your company's brand as a valuable asset.

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Developing a tailor-made business plan for your company's expansion in Portugal, complete with growth projections for international markets. Our strategic approach encompasses critical facets like production, marketing, sales, and human resource management, all aimed at establishing a robust foundation for global success.

Our projects are meticulously designed, considering eligibility for funding through the Portugal 2030 Program, European Funds, and Venture Capital investors, ensuring the essential investments required to bring your project to fruition.

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We are fully dedicated to delivering top-tier solutions that will propel your business

forward and facilitate the realization of your international expansion objectives.

At My Euro Business, turning your company into an international success story is not a distant dream; you're much closer than you might imagine!


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 48 Jangadeiros street - 2nd floor

Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro


1 Duque de Saldanha Square

Lisboa - Portugal

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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