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"Always raise money when you don't need it."


Understanding the significance of fundraising is pivotal in establishing a robust and successful company. Regardless of your business's stage, the time to seek funding is now.


At our firm, we've crafted our own methodology to assist you in formulating your internationalization plan and securing funding from various sources.

venture capital

Venture Capital in Brazil and Portugal

Venture Capital plays an indispensable role in every stage of a startup's evolution, providing comprehensive support across various facets of the company. It goes beyond providing substantial investments in exchange for equity; it also contributes experience, networks, and strategic guidance, pivotal for the startup's growth trajectory.


Venture Capital firms can provide support at every phase of a startup's journey, spanning from the initial Pre-Seed and Seed stages to the subsequent phases of growth and expansion.

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But how can my company secure this investment?

With our consultancy, you gain access to our extensive network to secure funding

from Venture Capital firms in Brazil and Portugal.


My Euro Business can lead any funding round with Venture Capital, whether it's in Brazil or Portugal,

providing support for your company from the initial stages of startup preparation to the final deal closure,

in a streamlined and efficient manner.


Interested in learning more about our funding model?

In addition to our investment channels, we also facilitate fundraising for your company through a Line of Credit with a 70% guarantee from the European Investment Fund (EIF).

European Funds

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Fundos europeu

How Does It Work?

The European Fund, in partnership with select Portuguese banks, offers a specialized investment program designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with promising economic prospects.


Under this scheme, the European Fund acts as a guarantor, providing the bank with a 70% guarantee on the investment amount. Consequently, this program offers an attractive grace period of up to 3 years before commencing repayments, flexible installment plans spanning up to 12 years, and competitive interest rates.


The objective is to extend financial support for investments targeting sustainable transitions, digitalization, innovation, and assistance to the cultural and creative sectors.


Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to advance your business. Contact us to learn more!

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